What Is the 4th of July to Me?

The 4th of July, commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America from Britain, has always been fraught with ambivalence for me. On the one hand, it holds many great memories I’ve had with my family over the years and newly created ones. And on the other hand, much of the meaning and representation of this holiday is lies, … Continue reading What Is the 4th of July to Me?

Getting A Toddler to Wear a Mask

Let me start off by giving some context. We are still in the middle of a global pandemic as a result of novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, or rona, or whatever we want to call it. The rates of infection have not even remotely started decreasing in the U.S. In fact, many states are seeing increases in daily cases. While we don’t know everything about COVID-19, … Continue reading Getting A Toddler to Wear a Mask

2. The Decision To Have A Baby

B and I started dating in 2012. We met in December 2011, became official in January 2012, and moved in together a short four months later in April. Though, she moved her cat to my apartment long before that. So you know, the literal definition of Uhaul Lesbians. (Here’s the full story of how we met by the way!) We admittedly moved relatively quickly in … Continue reading 2. The Decision To Have A Baby

Trauma, Forgiveness, and Moving Forward

Last Wednesday was rough for me, but honestly, it always is. Not Wednesdays, but it was March 5th, the 19th anniversary of the shooting that happened at my high school. I knew it was coming, I always do. It never surprises me. I tried to get myself mentally prepared for it and I can usually get through the day relatively unscathed if I stay off … Continue reading Trauma, Forgiveness, and Moving Forward

Bye-Bye Pacifier…But We Lied.

This weekend, we got rid of L’s pacifier in probably the most random way possible, which honestly kinda fits perfectly with who we are. Just to cut to the chase: we lied. Let me go back to the beginning, that picture is L the second day of being in this world. Literally the day he was born, one of the nurses was like, usually if … Continue reading Bye-Bye Pacifier…But We Lied.

How I Got My Kid to Sleep

People without kids are always acting like they shouldn’t say they’re tired around me, but I say tired is tired; we don’t need to compare. And truth be told, most sleep deprivation I’m having these days, unless he’s sick, is 100% my own bad decisions. We did some work early on to make this a possiblity. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t take all of the credit; … Continue reading How I Got My Kid to Sleep