Going From Bottle to Solid

Sometimes people wonder how others went from formula/breastmilk to solids, so I just wanted to make a short post about what it looked like for us. Bottles (he was formula fed) Around 4 months with approval from pediatrician to start food: Morning bottle, afternoon bottle, 4oz of baby food for dinner with smaller bottle, night bottle + middle of the night bottle Around 6 months: … Continue reading Going From Bottle to Solid

How The Heck Do You Feed Toddlers?!

Feeding a toddler is full time job. I honestly feel like most of what we’re doing these days is either feeding our child or planning what and when he’ll be eating next. It seriously takes up so much of my cognitive space; especially because we never had any real time-based eating habits prior to him being around, so it’s not like we’re feeding ourselves at … Continue reading How The Heck Do You Feed Toddlers?!