Bye-Bye Pacifier…But We Lied.

This weekend, we got rid of L’s pacifier in probably the most random way possible, which honestly kinda fits perfectly with who we are. Just to cut to the chase: we lied. Let me go back to the beginning, that picture is L the second day of being in this world. Literally the day he was born, one of the nurses was like, usually if … Continue reading Bye-Bye Pacifier…But We Lied.

I Think We May Have Jumped the Gun

Having two dogs and an infant combined with two sleep-deprived adults can often lead to ridiculous things. The road trip was one of them….this is yet another. I don’t remember exactly when this happened. I just remember that L had been moved to his own room but was still waking up a few times a night, so let’s say around 6 months. Like I said, … Continue reading I Think We May Have Jumped the Gun

The Croissant That Almost Caused My Divorce

I know there are horror stories of people getting crazy when they’re pregnant, but I wasn’t really one of those people. Haha!! I know what you’re thinking: “pssshhhtt….let’s ask B just how crazy you were or weren’t.” But, in all honesty, I hardly ever just snapped for no reason or became irrationally emotional when I was pregnant. The key words in there, of course, are … Continue reading The Croissant That Almost Caused My Divorce