How I Got My Kid to Sleep

People without kids are always acting like they shouldn’t say they’re tired around me, but I say tired is tired; we don’t need to compare. And truth be told, most sleep deprivation I’m having these days, unless he’s sick, is 100% my own bad decisions. We did some work early on to make this a possiblity. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t take all of the credit; … Continue reading How I Got My Kid to Sleep

Thankfulness and Gratitude

November is synonymous with Thanksgiving here in the U.S. And while I think most “woke” people have decided that we don’t celebrate a false narrative of Pilgrims and Natives peacefully breaking bread, I do think it’s a great time to pause and reflect on what we are thankful and grateful for in our lives. For me, it’s the support and acceptance we have gotten from … Continue reading Thankfulness and Gratitude

Going From Bottle to Solid

Sometimes people wonder how others went from formula/breastmilk to solids, so I just wanted to make a short post about what it looked like for us. Bottles (he was formula fed) Around 4 months with approval from pediatrician to start food: Morning bottle, afternoon bottle, 4oz of baby food for dinner with smaller bottle, night bottle + middle of the night bottle Around 6 months: … Continue reading Going From Bottle to Solid

How Postpartum Eclampsia And My Black Skin Almost Killed Me

Got any updates for me?  -B Baby? -B Hey. -Me I had a seizure. -Me It was April 12, 2018; 17 days after giving birth and 11 days before my birthday (an important aside). This story is about the events that led to me sending this text to my wife, which unavoidably details my experience of being a Black woman in a medical crisis. I am … Continue reading How Postpartum Eclampsia And My Black Skin Almost Killed Me